Yarn Processing

With a focus on staple yarn production for 23 years, we encompass a comprehensive set of staple yarn production lines from fiber pretreatment, opening, carding, striping, roving, spinning, winding, twisting to setting that strictly follow the ISO9001 standard. Our rich experience in the use and development of cotton, chemical fiber, metal fiber and mineral fiber helped us to forge a wide range of mature yarn solutions. Our yarn products include: cut resistant yarn, fire resistant yarn, meta-aramid yarn, para-aramid yarn, UHMWPE yarn, core-spun yarn, IIIA yarn, PBO yarn, PI yarn, preoxygenated yarn, polyimide yarn, heat resistant yarn etc, we can customize yarn for you.

Fabric Manufacturing

KEYSTONE's unique and diverse fabrics are made from high performance fibers(including Aramid, PE, high strength nylon, high performance polyester, glass, steel, etc.), which offer a wide selection of light weight fabrics with specific properties, such as excellent breaking/tearing strength, cut-and-abrasion resistance, flame resistance, heat resistance, etc. Our fabrics include: knitted fabric & woven fabric, UHMWPE fabric, aramid fabric, cut resistant fabric, fire retardant fabric, industrial base fabric and other materials that we use to make our products. We provide customized services to our customers.

Glove & Sleeve Knitting

KEYSTONE specializes in R&D, production and sales of 7G, 10G, 13G, 15G, 18G, 21G high performance safety gloves&sleeves, which can satisfy customers' high-performance needs, like cut resistance, abrasion resistance, stabbing resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardance, cold resistance, etc. Our products include: cut resistant glove/sleeve, fire resistant glove/sleeve, aramid glove/sleeve, UHMWPE glove/sleeve etc., we have a wide range of glove/sleeve solutions.

Research & Development

KEYSTONE is R&D oriented with a focus on ensuring product quality and providing customized services for customers. We are widely known for the quality and reliability of our solutions, and we offer optimum technical services and solutions for our customers. We follow American and European standards such as: ANSI/ISEA 105, ISO13997, EN420, EN388:2016, EN511, EN16350, EN374, EN659, EN12477, EN407, EN11612, etc., international standards.